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Stories of Success in Product Development

From our days as a single designer consultancy to the thriving firm we are today, Edge Innovative Solutions has fostered successful relationships and contributed to countless quality products as the result of our turnkey product development services. Check out a few of our success stories and then contact us when you’re ready to create your own with our team.

"As the Global Tech Doc Owner for Duracell, P&G, I would just like to say that Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS) was instrumental in configuring EPDM to best address our critical business issues. Their knowledge and expertise in data management principals and the EPDM system is exceptional and exceeded all of our expectations. He continues to be a valued resource for our needs and goals as we implement EPDM into a Global Tech Doc System.

“Like many customers, we initially elected to move forward with a standard Quick start implementation from our local VAR as our need was critical. However, after a short time using EPDM, we realized the potential of this system, and wanted to find a way to fully integrate it into our engineering processes. It was during SWX World 2011 that I had the opportunity to sit down and really get a good understanding of the background and skill sets that EIS could bring to the table to help move our EPDM implementation forward. EIS’s diverse industry background in design, as well as, PDM implementations, made them an attractive option for fresh and new approaches to some of our unique process challenges.

“EIS was contracted to fully integrate EPDM into the Duracell, P&G Engineering Tech Doc system. We approached this effort with an open mind to the possibility of implementing new and better processes, as this new configuration would be implemented and used globally. EIS took a very personal approach to this project. Throughout, EIS was on site or doing remote web meetings with us to fully understand our processes and system requirements. In addition to process and system definition, EIS provided our group with a customized training curriculum and on-site instruction. This new vault configuration went “Live” to our engineering personnel, with little to no issues.

The result of this collaborative effort between Duracell, P&G, and EIS is an extremely successful implementation, resulting in the EPDM systems within our Engineering processes to work to its full potential."

Rodney Kjobech

Global Tech Doc Owner,Engineering Capabilities Group

“As a medical device company, Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS) filled a critical role for our R&D team as we were tasked with developing and launching a new device under a very aggressive timeline. The challenges for this new product line were compounded by the critical shortage of development resources.

EIS was originally contracted to re-engineer some similar products and provide Remington Medical Inc. (RMI) with documentation to build a working prototype. Not only did EIS deliver, but they did so in very swift and accurate fashion. EIS worked closely with our internal manufacturing resources and had the first prototype completed and operational in less than 8 weeks. Following the completion of the prototype EIS was retained to help with the sourcing of several components. EIS identified and worked with several suppliers providing technical oversight to the quoting process and provided RMI reliable quotes.

As this project progressed, our ability internally to track and manage all of the design changes that were being made to the new device was becoming unmanageable. EIS’s background in medical device development, regulatory processes and data management really made the difference in our project. EIS gave RMI access to their EPDM vault and provided some basic training. Almost immediately we were capable of checking in and out documents and managing out design history file.

“EIS’s diverse skills set and service offering has been a game changing experience for RMI. Their knowledge of product development, quality, regulatory and data management principles combined with a command of the latest tools such as SolidWorks and Enterprise PDM, was the critical link in our development cycle.

“Based on the success of our initial project and the working relationship developed with EIS, RMI will continue to draw upon their experience and technical expertise with future projects.”

Basil Bonner

Director of Engineering,Remington Medical

“I first became associated with Chad Garrish at Smiths Medical in 2006. Chad’s position with Smiths Medical was in Duluth, GA and I was located at our Rockland, MA facility. As a new addition to the Respiratory R&D group, I was in need of support from a CAD and PDM standpoint. During my first trip to Duluth, it became obvious that Chad was an expert in both SolidWorks and PDM. He sparked my interest as he explained the power of PDM and how it could play an integral role in our design control procedures. Chad began helping me, through the use of net meetings and conference calls, to understand how PDM systems work. Chad has a great way of breaking down complex subject matter into more manageable/understandable terms. He seems to have mastered the balance between humor and seriousness allowing for a very comfortable working relationship.

“In 2008, Smiths decided to close our Duluth office and transfer a portion of the Duluth Design history file to the Rockland office. This transfer involved an enormous amount of data that needed to be integrated into the Rockland facility. Chad set multiple trips to Rockland, coordinated IT department resources, installed and configured the PDM system, and developed an entire training curriculum for Rockland engineering staff.

“Following implementation Chad worked one on one with our staff to ensure each had a grasp on the systems and how they were to be used. These efforts were key for the seamless transfer of information from site to site. The team was very impressed with Chad’s knowledge and willingness to teach.

"After the closure of the Duluth office, Chad started his company EDGE Innovative Solutions. I was so impressed with the PDM implementation that Chad was responsible for in Rockland that I contracted EDGE Innovative Solutions to continue to provide SolidWorks and PDM support to the Rockland site. Since that time, EDGE has continued to generate SolidWorks models, assemblies and drawings from existing AutoCAD files as well as populate, support and manage the PDM system from his remote office. EDGE has filled a technical void providing seamless transitions of data and continued data management. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Rob Simas

Respiratory R&D Program Manager,Smiths Medical Inc.

“Edge Innovative Solutions took the Pro-E models of our spinal implant set and created a custom animation of all the key surgical steps. Edge's experience in the medical device industry and understanding of medical procedures enabled them to complete our project in 3 weeks. The fast turnaround of this project allowed us to train over 200 sales reps for a new product launch. Edge Innovative Solutions was professional, timely, within budget and the visual impact for training was priceless.”

Robert Leonard

Group Engineering Manager,Globus Medical, Inc

"Edge Innovative Solutions filled a critical role for our organization’s R&D team as we were tasked to transfer our European-developed (German) engineering models and documentation into a suitable format that could be submitted to the FDA for pre-market approval in the US. This involved recreating over 500 legacy CAD models, assemblies and drawings that were originally created in several different MCAD packages (ACAD, Pro Engineer, and SolidWorks) into one consistent and organized SolidWorks database managed within our DB Works Enterprise PDM system (DBWorks). Having a wealth of experience in medical device development and other regulated industries, EIS worked within our Design Control and Quality System processes to ensure that our product data remained accurate and had a smooth transformation into our new FDA caliber Device Master Record.

"Although much of the project work could be done offsite, with EIS’s command of SolidWorks and Enterprise PDM systems and knowledge of the latest tools in remote networking, the working relationship seemed as if they were a seamless extension of our internal development team. We will continue to use Edge for projects in the future."

Locations: Georgia – Switzerland - Japan
Industry: Medical Device
Products: Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Devices for treatment of chronic wound and orthopedic conditions (FDA Class III)
Services provided:

  • CAD database conversion: Pro/E and Inventor to SolidWorks 2009; more than 500 files
  • Enterprise-wide PDM System specification, installation and implementation
  • Creation of more than 200 new part and assembly detailed drawings
  • Conversion of German drawing standard (DIN 406) to ASME Y14.5 convention
  • German-to-English notes and language translation
  • Product line configuration optimization and BOM organization
  • Photorealistic renderings for technical product presentations
  • Customization of SolidWorks toolbox, drawing formats and material databases
  • Project planning, specification writing, and status reports
  • New product design concepts and modeling
  • Ongoing CAD/PDM administrative services

Keith Bradley

R&D Manager,Sanuwave, Inc

“As a designer and manufacturer of poultry processing equipment and OEM components, Cantrell thrives on the ability to efficiently supply its customers with replacement parts. Lead time and accuracy are always critical in our OEM business. Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS) has been a fast, reliable, accurate and affordable resource for our component reverse engineering needs. The knowledge and experience in machine design, techniques and principals that EIS provides has provided Cantrell a valuable resource that is important to our business now and in the future.”

Dane Woods

Managing Partner,Cantrell

“Newpoint Thermal was in need of an animation to be used as a marketing and sales tool. Edge Innovative Solutions took our existing design and SolidWorks models and provided us with a rendered, customized, illustrated animation. This animation was very helpful during a recent industrial trade show and will provide our sales staff with a valuable tool. Edge Innovative Solutions finished this model in a timely fashion, offered us an affordable option, and completed it in an extremely professional manner.”

Don Lees

Director of Operations, Newpoint Thermal