Strategic Partners

When we say turnkey, we really mean it. Not only can Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS) provide product design and engineering services, we also offer complete product data management (PDM) solutions as well through our strategic partner, EpiGrid, LLC.

EpiGrid is an Enterprise PDM, WorkGroup PDM, and DriveWorks service provider that offers a private managed network and IT services focused on bridging the gap between IT and engineering. Contact us to learn how we can provide the complete package or visit www.EpiGrid.com to learn more.

As a design house that runs SOLIDWORKS software, we have also developed a partnership with the industry's leading name in SOLIDWORKS optimized hardware--SolidBox. After assessing customer's needs, SolidBox builds optmized hardware, including servers, desktops and laptops, that give our designers the ability to get the job done without the usual headaches associated with computers. If you're interested in optimizing your environment, be sure to check SolidBox out.