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The Faces of Atlanta Product Design

Come to our office just north of Atlanta and you’ll see the faces of product design and development. How can we claim that, especially since we aren’t the only product design firm in Atlanta? Our claim isn’t rooted in what we do; it stems from how we do it and more importantly why.

Whether you’re starting with a rough product concept or seeking help in sustainment, the Edge Innovative team has the expertise to get it done; but more importantly, we can find a way to do it better. Innovation isn’t just in our name; it’s our mission. It’s who we are. Call us competitive, but we like to lead—never follow.

Mission: Innovation

Founded in 2008 by Chad Garrish, Edge Innovative Solutions, LLC (EIS) is a product design firm that gives some of the brightest and most diverse talent in the industry an outlet to truly revolutionize product design. Of course, as engineers we also understand the necessity to maintain affordability. That balance has allowed us to create products that make an impact, from incremental improvements to new products that revolutionize an entire industry.

The Proof Is in the Numbers

Anyone can say they breed innovation; but not everyone has the numbers to back it up. At EIS, we can claim: