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Medical Device Design and Engineering

The medical industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, largely driven by the release of new technologies and medical devices that support or revolutionize the way physicians treat patients. At Edge Innovative Solutions, we’re thrilled to be a part of the continuous evolution of the medical industry through the design and development of medical devices and related products.

Reliability is the driving force in medical device design, which is why our engineers and designers approach each project by anticipating design problems early in the development process to prevent them from occurring. It is through this unyielding dedication to detail that we’ve patented several products and continue to attract design projects from leading medical companies.

Industrial Design

Effective industrial machine design requires you to look at the problem from both angles—what your customer wants in the end product and what you need to thrive as a company. At Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS), our team is extremely well versed in all the facets of machine design, and on behalf of our clients we are working to quietly revolutionize the industrial market by:

  • Redesigning industrial tools with a focus on process optimization and sourcing cost effective, quality parts.
  • Understanding the way your customers work and how the tools and machines we design can enhance productivity.
  • Designing for manufacture (DFM) and designing for assembly (DFA) to simplify the process and lower costs.

Machine Design and Manufacturing

Insight into the manufacturing process and a practical knowledge of the intended application is invaluable in machine design and engineering. At EIS, several of our team members began their careers in manufacturing and are able to use that expertise–combined with experience in automated machine design, precision positioning machines, GD&T, structural and tolerance analysis, and dynamics—to:

  • lower costs
  • shorten time to market
  • enhance machine/tool usability and performance

Put our dedication and experience in industrial tool and machine design to work for you. Whether you need analysis services or turnkey engineering and development services, our diverse experience and capabilities can give you the edge you need to lead the market.

Consumer Product Design

When it comes to designing consumer products, innovation is mandatory, price point is crucial and time is of the essence. We’re a natural fit for consumer product development at Edge Innovative Solutions, because we’re always thinking about how to make products perform better while lowering manufacturing costs.

It’s a delicate balance, but one we’ve been able to successfully manage for a variety of consumer products—from garden accessories to food packaging—that incorporate every imaginable type of material and components including plastics, sheet metal, castings and more.

Satellite Communications Engineering and Design

With nearly 40 years combined experience in satellite communications engineering and design, the team at Edge Innovative Solutions (EIS) understands nearly every facet of the design and analysis process.

We know how vital it is to maintain precision in positioning systems, pointing accuracy and surface accuracy for high frequency operations—an understanding we have applied to our work on a variety of satellite communications engineering projects from gear train design for ground station antennas to reflectors and pedestals.