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Phillip Lewis

Mechanical Industrial Designer

“I love the diversity of projects at Edge Innovative and the chance we have to innovate old products to make them better for the user.”

Phillip Lewis is the type of designer that can appreciate good design–but that never keeps him from asking how it can be done better. An Eagle Scout and natural entrepreneur, Phillip honed his creativity at Auburn University where he earned a BS in Industrial Design. It didn’t take him long to make his mark from there, working on projects with big names like Chick-Fil-A, Nike, Android, Motorola and others.

Phillip designed patented food packaging and a manufacturing process soon to be utilized by several Fortune 500 companies before entering into the satellite communications industry. As an industrial/mechanical designer at EIS, Phillip works with senior designers and engineers to push the limits of a product’s design.

When not immersed in SOLIDWORKS, Phillip can often be found climbing rock faces or jumping from perfectly good airplanes.

This is what I'm made of

  • Would love to own a refurbished 1952 Chevy truck like his dad always talked about.