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Chad Garrish


“It’s amazing to watch this team learn, grow and solve problems at every level. You have to love what you do to be here, and it shows in every product we create and in our culture.”

As Chief Technical Officer and EIS founder, Chad Garrish wears many hats. When he’s not strategizing with clients or guiding junior designers, you’ll find him immersed in SOLIDWORKS working on the latest design.

With successful projects in a diverse set of industries such as medical device, machine design, electro-mechanical packaging and injection molded plastic part design, Chad is among an elite group of product designers. As proof of his creativity, knowledge and significant design contributions, Chad has been awarded three U.S. patents since starting in the industry in 1995 with three more pending.

Accompanying his product design and development skills, Chad also has considerable background in data management and PDM implementations across industries. Successfully following the stringent guidelines for document control, Chad’s knowledge of both ISO 9001 and FDA requirements provides clients with fully compliant documentation solutions.

As CTO, Chad has grown EIS from a single man consultancy to the leading product development firm it is today. His drive to be associated with the latest and greatest is evident in his work as well as his collection of electronics that most people haven’t even heard of yet. Chad lives in Gainesville, Georgia with his wife and two children.

This is what I'm made of

  • Can be found on stage playing the blues harmonica with local artists
  • Built his own house from the ground up at age 22