Patents and Awards

Dual Lumen Access Port

United States 6551270
Issued April 22, 2003

A port assembly adapted for insertion into the tissue of a patient during laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery therein the port assembly includes an access port having a plurality of opening therein to allow for the insertion of multiple surgical instruments there through while maintaining a barrier to the flow of gas from the body cavity of the patient to the atmosphere.

Illumnated Rectal Retractor

United States 6428473
Issued August 6, 2002

An illuminated rectal retractor for creating a working space for dissecting instruments in support of a surgical procedure such as rectal examination or for the removal of polyps or hemorrhoids or other types of procedures which require the illumination and access to tissue in the rectal area of a patient.

Gear Pump having an inlet port aligned with the drive shaft

United States 6152719
Issued November 28, 2000

The present invention overcomes deficiencies in the prior art by providing a centrifugal pump which confirm to ANSI standards, is reversible, efficient, self priming, has low flow stability and low radial thrust characteristics, handles viscous fluids well, and can pump fluid within a high range of pressure values.

Combined Infant Nurser and Cap

United States D382968 and D382969
Issued August 26, 1997

Patents are on the ornamental design of two similar but different sized combined infant nurser and cap.